Gregoire Cachemaille Photography

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Grégoire Cachemaille, 1978, photographer

After moving to Berlin in 2006 he made a habit of getting lost in the city and wandering through the many deserted spaces of the urban landscape, absorbing the distinctive layers of the city’s recent History. That’s when his passion for the forgotten and the derelict took shape. After he spent a full day exploring a former Soviet military complex in the city outskirts, he was definitely hooked. Ever since this experience, he has been capturing the strange but appealing beauty of abandoned locations around the world.

His work questions the patrimonial value of abandoned structures, not only from an architectural point of view, but also as witnesses of the history of the communities and powers that erected them. As chronological relics stripped of their elementary purpose, they become objects of contemplation and introspection.

05 - 09.2017 - Simon Bart Gallery, Porto Cervo, Italy
03.2017 - Premio Arte Laguna Art Show, Venice, Italy
12.2016 - 01.2017 - NowArt, InArte Werkkunst, Bergamo, Italy
11.2016 - Solo exhibition - ÆTHER:bar, Berlin, Germany
10.2016 - NowArt, Mediolanum Gallery, Padua, Italy
05.2016 - NowArt, InArte Werkkunst, Bergamo, Italy
03.2016 - Affordable Art Fair, Milan, Italy
01.2016 - InArte Werkkunst, Berlin, Germany
09.2015 - BERLINER LISTE, Berlin, Germany
10.2014 - Lugano Photo Days, Lugano, Switzerland
09.2014 - DdA Factory Art Gallery, Cagliari, Italy
04.2014 - Château Pertusier, Morteau, France
06.2013 - Grand-Cachot, La Chaux-du-Milieu, Switzerland
12.2012 - ViewPoint Gallery, Halifax, Canada
03.2012 - 1650 Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
12.2010 - Solo exhibition - XLaboratory Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2016 - International Photography Award IPA, Architecture : Interior, honorable mention
2016 - ArtKudos, 2nd place
2015 - ND Awards, Silver Star Award - Architecture, 2nd place
2015 - International Photography Award IPA, Architecture : Historic, honorable mention
2015 - Moscow International Foto Awards, Architecture : Interiors, 2nd place
2015 - Life Framer "CIVILISATION", finalist
2014 - 8th Semiannual Dave Bown Projects, honorable mention
2013 - Light Space & Time, CityScapes, selected
2013 - TBM Photography Network, Abandonment, winner
2013 - ONWARD Compé Philadelphia, finalist
2012 - ViewPoint Gallery, International Feature Photographer, winner